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Act with Integrity

Integrity and integrity violations are currently politically and socially charged subjects. There is a great call to act with a high level of integrity today. Rules and guidelines are formulated and professional codes are implemented.

But to what extent are these rules and codes applicable in daily work? And do these regulations really work?

In addition, does integrity also not arise from own standards and values? How reliable is your own organization and how truthful do your employees act?

Our training

Integrity remains a fascinating and important theme. That is why it is ideally suited for an interactive
(in-company) workshop. Integrity within your organization: how do you deal with that?

How can a common language be created? And a framework containing values and standards
that everyone supports and that everyone adheres to? Is there mutual confidence?

Is there a culture that you find desirable? Is leadership conducted with integrity?
Does everyone know the meaning of integrity and do they act accordingly?

The program

In an interactive manner, a large number of practical examples in the field of integrity are brought up, so that employees become aware of the scope of the theme and the problems and dilemmas they may encounter in their working environment.

With our workshop you pay serious attention to fraud management as part of your
personnel policy.

The aim is to get a common basis with regard to the norms and values that apply within the organization. A ‘code of conduct’ is formulated jointly, or an existing ‘code of conduct’ is updated.

These results are presented to you in a clear report.

Additional information

Of course, the program can be fully customized to your wishes. You will receive a clear and realistic proposal with regard to the content,
time estimate and rates.

For more information, please feel free to make an appointment with one of our consultants.

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