About us

Over 20 years of experience

We specialize in the field of integrity management, and we work for financial institutions, real estate, industrial and petrochemical companies, both nationally and internationally.

We offer a wide range of services related to personnel policy regarding integrity.

We are also experienced and knowledgeable in developing integrity management as part of
pre-existing corporate backgrounds and cultures of organizations.

We can rely on external relations

If we receive questions related to specific matters such as employment law and psychological issues, or with problems surrounding certain target groups (such as healthcare or financial services), we can call on our external relations. They each bring expertise from their own field and background. In this way, the vision on integrity and employment relationships is broadened

We meet legal requirements

We have been granted permission from the Ministry of Justice and Security under POB number 967. The employees who carry out the screening have been separately trained and authorized by the judiciary. We are also registered with the Dutch Data Protection Authority (CBP) under report number 1050719. Furthermore, we adhere to the guidelines of the Dutch Association for Personnel Management and Organizational Development (NVP) in all our investigations.

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