Integrity Audits


An integrity audit contributes to trust

If your organization does not act with honesty, this could violate
the relationship of trust with your employees and customers.
It may also lead to reputational damage.

So the question is: is your integrity policy up-to-date?

International Integrity Services advises and develops together with you an overall concept with regard to integrity and maintenance of reputation.

We do this by inventorying and analyzing your corporate culture,
the prevailing norms and values and the possible weaknesses by means
of an integrity audit.

Opt for an exploratory integrity investigation

If you do not (yet) feel it is necessary to have a complete audit carried out, you can also opt
for an ‘exploratory integrity investigation’.

This research examines what your employees view is on ‘integrity’, what they feel is important regarding this subject and where they see potential risks.

This research already offers various keynotes for the management, which can be used
to tighten up the integrity policy.

Company code

Developing a company code is an important part in realizing a concrete integrity policy. Formulating and implementing is also an important step in getting an integrated prevention and security policy with regard to fraud management.

The company code is not an end, but a starting point! Topics such as what a company stands for, the core values and core responsibilities, are included in the company code or code of conduct.

Regular checking allows the code to be tested and adjusted based on current discussions and developments.

Additional information

Of course, the program can be fully customized to your wishes. You will receive a clear and realistic proposal with regard to the content,
time estimate and rates.

For more information, please feel free to make an appointment with one of our consultants.

Working on your company code?