Employment Screening

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What does employment screening mean?

No organization can do without good faith. Of course you want to know how trustworthy your employees are. But how do you know whether you are hiring or employing the right candidate? International Integrity Services is a specialist in the field of employment screening.

We distinguish between a pre-employment screening, an in-employment screening or the basic (abbreviated) pre-employment screening (PES). Standard pre-employment screening is made up of several elements. These elements are combined in such a manner that they give insight into not only the personal data of the person in question, but also his or her employment history, morality and integrity.

We offer the in-employment screening, an abridged version of the pre-employment screening, for employees who are eligible for a change in position and/or responsibilities. The adjustments are then mainly in the field of reference research. We believe that integrity does not end after a screening. Tracking employees throughout their careers is just as important.

Basic pre-employment screening (PES)

Another form of investigation we offer is the basic pre-employment screening (PES). This form of investigation applies to positions within the financial markets and possibly also preferred suppliers.
It is also used by (listed) companies in other branches. For integrity sensitive and policymaking positions, we advise an enhanced screening.

Via the green button ‘PES-form’ on the top side of this screen, you can find more information regarding the basic PES-screening. 

More extensive pre-employment screening is recommended for positions with a risk-increasing character, as well as policy-determining positions.

Our approach

Your request will be handled personally by one of our experienced consultants. The end result is
a report, containing the results of the checks and verifications that have been carried out.

In the more extensive investigations, this report also includes a representation of the personal interview with the candidate. This portrays how the candidate thinks about acting with integrity and responsibility, and how the position and interests in (potential) conflict situations are considered.

By screening your applicants, we can provide you with a detailed report within a short space of time that can be very valuable in deciding whether or not you proceed and employ the person
in question.

The report contains a final conclusion in which all factual data are presented. This final conclusion does not contain any value judgment: this is always reserved to the employer.

During the process and finalization, we apply the ‘four-eyes principle’ to prevent fraud or other abuses.

Bespoke service

International Integrity Services provides a bespoke service: the content of investigations can be tailored to the requirements of the client. Not all positions entail the same fraud-related risks; therefore, not every position needs the same level of screening.

Depending on the level and risk associated with the position of the candidate involved, the level and nature of the screening can be matched, using a module-based approach. Further information regarding all options are available on personal request, via telephone or email.

Permission and cooperation

Investigations are highly sensitive and must be carried out with due observance of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and are performed only with permission and cooperation of the candidate.


We work in accordance with the guidelines and recommendations of
De Nederlandsche Bank N.V., the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets and the Dutch Banking Association.

Apply employment screening in your organization?