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Due to the fact that many candidates we screen are well educated and often hold management positions or are policymakers, we think it is important that our employees have a certain background. Our employees are also highly educated, often at university level. They are well trained in interview techniques and
have a balanced 'experience of life'. Though this is not necessarily related to age, most of our consultants have reached a senior level and it goes without saying that International Integrity Services demands
the highest levels of integrity from all its employees.

External advisors
If necessary we also utilise additinal external expertise. This can be in specialist areas such as employment legislation, health and safety legislation or issues concerning certain specific target groups such as the financial services sector. Each specialist utilises their own field of expertise to broaden
the view on integrity and labour relations.

Legal demands
International Integrity Services works in accordance within the demands of the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security (POB number 967), and the employees performing the actual investigations are educated seperately and authorized by the police.
Furthermore, it is worth mentioning, that International Integrity Services is registered with the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Dutch DPA) under registration number 1050719 and adheres to the guidelines formulated by the Dutch Association for Personnel Management & Organisation Development.

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