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As part of the integrity policy, we organise conferences and in-company training programmes on detecting and preventing fraud. This is not only for the management of organisations but also for employees,
and always tailored to personal circumstances. For instance, during workshops participants learn how
to create a made-to-measure integrity manual, which is of immediate use within the organisation.
The results of the workshops can be incorporated in policymaking at a later date.

In our view, integrity is an integral part of the way in which colleagues and managers relate to
one another. Therefore, International Integrity Services offers a tried-and-tested method that enables employees to talk with one another about the subject of integrity; for example, on the basis of,
or leading to, a code of conduct. Such workshops lead to an increased awareness with regard to integrity.

Questions that may arise include:
  • How do we relate to one another? Are we satisfied with this method of interaction?
    What would we like to change and are we actually able to change?
  • How do we deal with the materials and data entrusted to us?
  • What do we feel is of importance to our work and what are our values?

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