Pre-employment and in-employment screening

Pre-employment screening
International Integrity Services regards pre-employment screening as an essential part of an organisation’s integrity policy. An ‘honest organisation’ should know the background of its employees. Pre-employment screening creates
a picture of a potential employee. This information is essential to identify and estimate possible risks, based on which
the organisation can decide whether or not it is justified to employ the person in question. 

Standard pre-employment screening is made up of several elements. These elements are combined in such a manner that they give insight into not only the personal data of the person in question, but also his or her employment history, morality and integrity. By screening your applicants, we can provide you with a detailed report within a short space of time that can be very valuable in deciding whether or not you proceed and employ the person in question.

In-employment screening
This is suitable for employees who are eligible for a change in position and/or responsibilities, and is known as
‘in-employment screening’. It is a less intensive version of the pre-employment screening.

Basic pre-employment screening (PES) 
Another form of investigation we offer is the basic pre-employment screening (PES). This form of investigation applies
to positions within the financial markets and possibly also preferred suppliers. It is also used by (listed) companies
in other branches.
For integrity sensitive and policymaking positions, we advise an enhanced screening.  

Via the link ‘online PES application’ on the right side of this screen, you can find more information regarding
the basic PES-screening.

Permission and cooperation 
Investigations are highly sensitive and must be carried out with due observance of any data protection and privacy legislation, and are performed only with permission and cooperation of the candidate.

We work in accordance with the guidelines and recommendations of De Nederlandsche Bank N.V., the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets and the Dutch Banking Association. 

Bespoke service
International Integrity Services provides a bespoke service: the content of investigations can be tailored to 
the requirements of the client. Not all positions entail the same fraud-related risks; therefore, not every position needs
the same level of screening. Depending on the level and risk associated with the position of the candidate involved,
the level and nature of the screening can be matched, using a module based approach.

Further information regarding all options are available on personal request, via telephone or email.



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