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International Integrity Services offers a wide range of service on integrity policy, worldwide:

investigation up front: employment screening and integrity check of legal bodies
risk analysis: integrity audits and employment statements
education: training and support
All of these elements are important for the development of a comprehensive prevention and security policy with regard to care for integrity and maintenance of reputation.

Integrity management 
Integrity management means more than just having reliable and honest employees. It is also knowing what to look for when hiring new staff members. It is knowing how to reduce risks for fraud. It is knowing what the do's and don'ts are if and when an incident occurs. And it is knowing how to create support for integrity policy within your organisation.

Continuous process
Integrity management is a continuous and comprehensive process. When one element is neglected, the others lose their value. If new employees are not screened, a code of conduct will not be helpful. If wrong measures are taken when an incident occurs, the established reputation will vanish into thin air. And the implementation of a code of conduct will have no effect if it is not regularly discussed and adapted.

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