Integrity Audits

In cooperation with the client we can develop a comprehensive model for integrity policy and reputation maintenance. We do this by means of an integrity audit, which is an inventory and analysis of the current standards and values and identification of any weak spots. An over-all description of the integrity situation of the organisation or department is drawn up. The risks and the probability of integrity violations occuring, will be identified, as well as the consequences of such occurrences. Furthermore a clear view of the preventative measures that the organization or company division has already taken in order to prevent integrity violations, and their effectiveness along with possibilities for improvement, will be formulated. 
Concrete proposal 
The investigation, in cooperation with the departments concerned and with the employee's council,
if necessary, will lead to concrete proposals with regard to nurturing a preventive culture.
In cooperation with the management we can support the process of implementation.

Exploratory integrity investigation
If a complete integrity audit is unnecessary, we can carry out an ‘exploratory integrity investigation’, which examines how employees view the subject of integrity, the aspects that they consider important with regard to this subject and any risks they perceive. This investigation provides the management
with starting points for sharpening the integrity policy.

Clear and realistic
It is our aim to complete these projects on a short-term basis. In mutual consultation, we can provide
a clear and realistic proposal, outlining our activities and estimated time and costs.

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