Views on integrity management

Integrity Management
A robust, professional integrity policy, and in particular screening policy, is not only in the interest of
the employer, but also employees and future employees. It creates awareness of the fact that the employer regards integrity as a matter of paramount importance. After all, shoud a person 'slip-up',
the impact on the company and colleagues cannot be underestimated.   

Damaged reputations and images 
The last worldwide crisis caused massive damage to the image and reputations of many registered companies. As a direct consequence, trust in these companies and institutions, and therefore critically
in their leaders and employees, also diminished. Experience shows us, that the image of a company
with regard to integrity is crucial. Numerous market leading companies recognise the importance of having a well-developed integrity policy to give a clear and unambiguous signal to all stakeholders.

Complete integrity policy
Integrity is not a static characteristic and is displayed primarily through actions. It is something that can be learnt. International Integrity Services emphasises the importance of a having a good overall integrity policy that includes both pre- and in-employment screening, a professional code of conduct,
a well-developed administration and an internal system of control.

We recognise that integrity does not stop at screening; it is of equal important to track employees throughout their career. Circumstances can change; a person can be screened and found to to be
a person of integrity at the time of joining the company, yet thereafter have succumbed to temptation and behaved improperly. Alternatively, doubts might have been raised at an initial screening, the person in question may have been employed (perhaps with limited authority or in a different position) and subsequently turns out to have great integrity, which only later becomes evident. 

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